Lemon Rose Granita

Happy Monday, guys! Did you have a good weekend? The weather was AMAZING here–the temps were like 80 on Saturday! I spent all day outdoors, meeting up with @AnOrchidInBloom, @KelseyLeah_RD, and Alyssa from Runway Chef,… Continue reading

Healthy Horchata Banana Ice Cream

Hey guys! How was your weekend? Mine was really nice. The weather has finally warmed up so bf, the pup and I have been taking long leisurely walks in the park with lattes. Another… Continue reading

Quick Weekday Breakfast: Chai Chia Seed Pudding

  Hi guyssss! How has your week been? I’ve had an eventful one!  Kinda hitting the reset button right now. Speaking of fresh starts, how many of you start your day with a good… Continue reading

An Easier, Equally Creamy Risotto with Kale Pesto

Ahhh! I wanted to post my risotto recipe for you guys before St. Patty’s  Day, but work, the gym, music-making and mingling with friends distracted me too much this week! The good news… Continue reading

Kale & Chestnut Pesto

I’m Irish–I’ve got the fair skin, the freckles, the red hair–but I’ve never been that big of a fan of Saint Patrick’s Day. It seems like every time I’ve celebrated the holiday, it has… Continue reading

Double Layer Yellow Birthday Cake with Chocolate Frosting

In the Midwest town I grew up in, one did not celebrate a birthday without a cake. Whether you were turning five or fifty, invariably some relative or friend would show up bearing the… Continue reading

Champagne Cocktail for The Ladies

Bf was out of town for the past few days, so I jam packed my weekend with all of the things he doesn’t enjoy too much, a few being: Binge-watching OITNB – I… Continue reading

Bone Broth: The Delicious Cure to Your Annoying Cold

Riding the subway every day can be pretty grueling. If it’s not the person eating a four course meal then it’s the too-close leaner or the ever-hated, yet ever-prevalent guy who farted. This time… Continue reading

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Dessert: Chocolate Bourbon Truffles

“If I don’t come home with that box of chocolates, I’ll be in the dog house for a long time,” says the dude on the Russell Stover commercial. He finishes it off with… Continue reading

Bedroom Mood Board: Starting the Decorating Process

It’s happening! As promised, I will be jazzing up the blog with some posts on my redecorating process. First up is the bedroom. Of course I’d love to channel the ultra-fem fuchsia and… Continue reading