Healthy Ice Cream?!

I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about a machine that can turn fruit into soft serve in seconds, called Yonanas.  Every time I see an article or hear anything about it, my ears immediately perk up because I am an ice cream fanatic.  I’m sure that I am not the only one who has, at a weak point, polished off a Ben & Jerry’s pint (LOVE ‘Late Night Snack’) in one sitting, so I think that you can agree that this machine could be a saviour to many of us.

According to the product description, all you have to do is put some frozen fruit like bananas, berries, mango, or cantaloupe, into the chute of the (slightly phallic?) machine, and it transforms the fruit into a creamy soft serve ice cream without all of the extra sugar and calories.  Okay, if you want to add a little extra flavor, it’s safe to use chocolate in the machine, too.

Has anyone tried Yonanas yet?  I’m curious to know whether this investment is a God-send or just a quick fad.  Perhaps you can convince me one way or another with your opinions.

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  1. This machine looks amazing ! 

  2. Morgan

    does the machine have other stuff in it that makes it creamy and smooth like the texture of ice cream? either way, i’m intrigued. you KNOW i loves me some ice cream. if i got this, the machine would probably burn out in 6 months from overuse.

  3. sepahl

    i have not used the yonanas. but i have made banana soft serve in my food processor pretty regularly since i developed lactose intolerance. you just whip frozen bananas around until they become smooth and creamy. sometimes i add a little peanut butter or choco chips or strawberries if i’m feeling sassy. totally delicious. totally healthy.

    if you’re trying to decide on buying it, just get a food processor. it’s multifuctional and will still make you some delicious fruity treats.

  4. My friend has this machine and makes this delicious banana “ice cream.” It tastes just like ice cream but with no preservatives. You can keep it in the freezer for a while.

  5. New follower. Desperately want one of these machine. So cool.

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