How To Make Coconut Raspberry Cake

Sundays, for me, are reserved for severe procrastination. If there is work to do, it is avoided at all costs, and, most often, by baking. This Sunday was no different. I didn’t have my glasses on when I woke, but as I stumbled from the bed into the living room, the soles of my feet could tell that it was high time to run the vacuum.

And then I tripped over a box, falling to the ground while uttering what I can only describe as a comically low squeal. As I lay recovering from the tumble, I turned to see what had caused my fall (I’m blind without my glasses). It was the stand mixer that bf’s parents had sent me as a graduation gift. “Divine intervention!” I thought. Today, whatever gods that rule this universe wanted me to wrench the KitchenAid mixer from its cardboard shelter, and make a cake, not vacuum.

And so it was decided upon. This day would be reserved for making raspberry coconut cake and playing with my new kitchen toy.

The recipe is courtesy of Bake Me More. I made a couple alterations: I used just two layers of cake, and I swapped out the cake flour for all purpose flour because I had a bit of trouble getting my hands on it. I highly recommend using cake flour, though.

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