What Is a Currant & How Do You Cook With It?

Fresh Black Currants Fruit How To Use Recipes

Heard of a currant?

I did a bit of research after impulsively buying some at the farmer’s market this week. Here’s a breakdown of what these little guys are all about:

-Fresh currants are not the same as dried currants. Fresh currants are a form of gooseberry while dried currants (Zante currants) are a form of grape.

-The three most common types of fresh currants are red, white, and black. All pack a tart punch, with the white being the sweetest and the black being the strongest in flavor.

-Currants are in season from June through August, which means that we’re experiencing prime currant-eating time right now!

-White currants are sweet enough to eat raw and go well with mild nuts like almonds.

-Red and black currants tend to taste better when cooked. The two are most often used in jams.

Some recipes, you ask? But of course!:

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