You Must Love Food

Decadent Food for Your Event

Carefully sourced food, prepared by our chefs, wherever you are and served by our staff.


We only use the most carefully sourced ingredients, local and naturally grown where possible.


We have a sample menu on the site, but upon your booking being accepted, we have over 200+ menus to choose from.


All our chefs are either experienced in restaurants at the highest level or previous Michelin star holders.

Choose Your Menu

At You Must Love Food, we offer a wide variety of different food choices on our exclusive menus.


Freshly tossed salads, right in front of your guests.

Fish & Meat

We can prepare and cook in front of you and your guests.


The most luxurious desserts that everyone will be in awe of.

Cooking delicious food since 1984

Founded in 1984 by Don Tel Majio, rumoured to be a part of the Sicilian mafia, but turns out he was the chef who catered for everyone’s parties or get-togethers. Since then, it’s passed on to family members who have grown the business into a worldwide catering company.

Catering for any occasion

No matter the occasion or event, the location or the food desired by the guests.

Private Party

Wedding Recepction

Corporate Event

Birthday Party

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We write about food, events and everything catering.

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